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42% of Generation Z have a mental health diagnosis.

They are flooding the mental health system and getting worse.Therapy doesn’t help them. Medication doesn’t help them. And neither does the advice being peddled by so-called parenting “experts”.

I’m on a mission to show parents a better way to make a difference in their children’s lives.

Join me!

My Story

I have known I wanted to be a child psychotherapist since I was a child myself.

When I was 8, I remember thinking I would either be a pediatrician or a child psychologist. 

But it wasn’t until I turned 10 that an “incident” set me on the path to becoming a child psychologist. 

My youngest brother was a clumsy 1-year old and had fallen and scraped his knee. Imagine this little girl, cleaning her brother’s wound, putting antibiotic cream on it and bandaging it for him, all the while she had a pit in her stomach. Not nausea at the sight of blood but a feeling I could not name at the time. I now have come to know that feeling was empathy. 

It was at that moment that I’d decided I couldn’t possibly be a pediatrician and thus my journey to psychotherapy began.

I would've never imagined that I would be speaking on big stages, writing a book and coaching parents to help children.

All I ever wanted was to be a private practice therapist but when I began seeing children who were severely mentally ill with no root in any psychosocial explanation, I asked myself what is going on with today’s generation of children. 

Absent any trauma, I started to realize that these issues were actually rooted in:

I want to show parents that they can give their child what they need without overindulging their wants. And I’ve created a free resource to help you do exactly that.

My Why

I’m on a mission to solve the mental health crisis among the iGeneration.

For many years, I lived with this frustrating reality: there will never be enough psychotherapists to meet the needs of our children. My colleagues and I have been turning away desperate parents for years, simply because we didn’t have space for new patients.

I estimated 70% of my practice were kids who did not need therapy but whose parents needed coaching.

Which meant that so many other kids who *actually* needed psychotherapy could not get help.

I don't want to see any more children in pain.

I want to empower parents to learn about why their children are struggling and gain the tools to help them. 

I want to prevent more kids from flooding the mental health system.

I want parents to know this information is necessary (in fact, essential!) to them for the growth and development of their child.

My Formal Bio

Nicole Runyon, LMSW, is an esteemed psychotherapist, parent coach, and keynote speaker renowned for her expertise in child and adolescent mental health, backed by an extensive 21-year career in the field.

Nicole’s uniqueness lies in the fact she has an uncanny ability to help adults get in the minds of today’s children and better understand them.

Her extensive knowledge of technology’s impact on mental health, child development, and the intergenerational variations in parenting has made her a highly sought-after speaker who’s captivated small and large audiences alike.

Her highly interactive talks are filled with life-altering aha-moments, paradigm shifts and hilarious personal stories that make tackling the thorny topic of parenting more fun. 

A frequent guest on parenting podcasts, Nicole’s invaluable insights have earned her significant recognition, leading to appearances in the media, where she shares her expertise on the effects of technology on child and adolescent mental well-being. 

Motivated by an unwavering passion for supporting children’s well-being and debunking the poor parenting advice that’s flooded our society, Nicole has dedicated her life’s work to empowering parents and educators to help children grow and mature into young adults with purpose, strength and confidence.

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