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About Nicole

Nicole Runyon, LMSW, is an esteemed psychotherapist renowned for her expertise in child and adolescent mental health, backed by an extensive 21-year career in the field.

Nicole’s uniqueness lies in the fact she has an uncanny ability to help adults get in the minds of today’s children and better understand them.

Her extensive knowledge of technology’s impact on mental health, child development, and the intergenerational variations in parenting has made her a highly sought-after speaker who’s captivated small and large audiences alike.

Her highly interactive talks are filled with life-altering aha-moments, paradigm shifts and hilarious personal stories that make tackling the thorny topic of parenting more fun.

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"The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So many of the participants are giving you and your session great reviews. I'm sure there will be other groups who want to get you back to present."

- Mary Beth Fitzpatrick, Superintendent

"I wanted to thank you again for sharing your professional wisdom and experience in such a relatable way. The parents thoroughly enjoyed it and gleaned so much. I’m hoping you can do it again next year."

- Kerry Vlahantones, School Psychologist

"I had the privilege of attending a seminar hosted by our school, featuring Nicole Runyon as the presenter. The seminar delved into the profound influence of technology on children's mental health and offered effective parenting strategies."

This topic resonated with me personally, given that I have three daughters aged 8, 10, and 12. Nicole delivered a clear and impactful message, unveiling eye-opening facts about the pervasive and detrimental effects of technology, especially screen time, on our children. Nicole went beyond highlighting the issues and provided practical and useful guidance on how parents can educate and influence their children to make better choices. I appreciate that she didn’t sugarcoat the facts and underscored the urgency for parents to be actively involved. I strongly recommend any parent with school-age children to invest their time in educating themselves about how to help their children navigate the complex world of screen time.”

-Rob Dalaire, parent

"I have previously had the pleasure of attending an event featuring Nicole Runyon as a keynote speaker. I was impressed with her expertise in child development, parenting, and the impact of screens and devices on our kids.

Nicole has a remarkable ability to connect with the audience and deliver practical insights that resonate deeply with parents. She provides a valuable perspective on modern parenting challenges, emphasizing the importance of understanding our child’s developmental needs in the digital age. One aspect of Nicole’s presentation that stood out was Nicole’s approach. Instead of solely identifying the pitfalls of screen time, she offered actionable strategies for fostering healthy screen habits and maintaining balance in my child’s development. Nicole Runyon has a genuine passion for empowering parents with knowledge and tools to navigate the complexities of raising children in today’s world.”

- Nicole Romine, parent

Today’s parents and educators are being bombarded with parenting advice that is disconnected to what we know to be right for our children.

We are constantly worried.

We want our children to thrive.

We are afraid to discipline our children.

We desperately want to do the right thing.

But we don’t know how to help them.

Too many parents and educators think that the solution is mental healthcare and this has led to millions of children flooding the healthcare system when, in reality:

The solution is within us.

Us parents. Us educators.

That’s why having these conversations now is so critical. And that’s why Nicole is passionate about helping you facilitate these conversations.

signature speaking topic

Connecting to the iGeneration Child: How to Navigate Parenting in a Digital World

Water takes the shape of the container it's in. Children work in much the same way.

In this signature talk, Nicole will show your audience how to become the container that their children need.She talks about the many profound ways children today are being stunted in their development. She explains how today’s poor parenting practices coupled with the use of technology decreases independence and maturity. 

She also offers ways in which parents and educators can follow their instincts and give children what they need in each phase of their development. Parents and educators will walk away from this presentation feeling empowered with the tools they need to course correct and set children back on the right track to becoming successful young adults .

In this talk, Nicole will help your audience reconnect with their instincts and awaken to their own power to make a difference in children’s lives. Because children (and teens!) are resilient. And it’s not too late.

"I was impressed with Nicole's expertise in child development, parenting, and the impact of screens and devices on our kids. She provides a valuable perspective on modern parenting challenges, emphasizing the importance of understanding our child's developmental needs in the digital age."

- Nicole Romine, parent and audience member

Your Audience will walk away with the following top 5 takeaways:

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Top 5 Reasons Your Audience Will Love Nicole


They’ll gain the tools to help them understand their children better.


They’ll learn techniques to help them be more connected with their child.


They will walk away with massive aha-moments and a renewed sense of purpose.


They will feel re-energized to face their parenting challenges.


They’ll hear *real* (and funny!) family stories that will make them feel less alone.

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