Nicole Runyon

The Heart Behind My Message: A Personal Reflection on Advocating for Children

In the vast landscape of life, we often find ourselves pondering our purpose and questioning the paths we choose to tread. For me, this introspection led to the burning question: Why am I doing this? Why do I feel the incessant need to shout my message from the rooftops? I would like to unravel some of the layers of my motivation, examining the personal and professional threads that weave the fabric of my calling.

After being married to a therapist for 16 years my husband has learned a thing or two and gave me some insight into myself recently. Sharing his perspective, he noted that as the second child of five, I might be seeking the acknowledgment and visibility denied to me in my childhood. It struck a chord; yes, there’s some truth to that observation. But beyond personal history lies a deeper force propelling me forward.

My work is not just a career; it’s a calling that chose me. Since the tender age of 10, I harbored a dream to help children and my ambition was always to become a child psychologist. How many people actually become what they say they want to be in their childhoods? Not many.

My mission emerged: to implore the world to stop pathologizing children. They aren’t the ones with the problem. My purpose is to foster understanding, explain child development, and empower parents to nurture their children effectively.

My conviction lies in the belief that parents are potent agents of change. More impactful than any child therapy, guiding parents to comprehend and support their children is the cornerstone of my mission.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity provided by Leslie Weirich and Gabb to share a glimpse of this message in a recent article, How Smartphones Affect The Development Brain.

And to my community here, thank you for listening.

As I continue to navigate my journey, I am fueled by the passion to challenge societal norms, to uplift children, and to empower parents. This blog serves as a testament to the multifaceted reasons behind my advocacy, a blend of personal history, calling, and an unwavering commitment to reshape the narrative around children’s well-being. Let’s embark on this journey together, dismantling stereotypes and embracing the transformative power of understanding and compassion.

Meet Nicole Runyon

Nicole Runyon is a psychotherapist, parent coach and keynote speaker. Picture this: a woman 5”0 tall in stature, she is small but mighty. 

What’s truly remarkable? She left her private practice working with children to speak to and write for parents who need help with their iGeneration children. Renowned for bold messages, Nicole is more than your average psychotherapist, she is a revolutionary. 

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